Chapter 1: Verse 9

Verse 9

anye cha bahavaḥ śhūrā madarthe tyaktajīvitāḥ
nānā-śhastra-praharaṇāḥ sarve yuddha-viśhāradāḥ


  • anye (pron. mas. loc) others
  • cha (indec) and
  • bahavaḥ (mas. nom. sing) many
  • śhūrā (mas. nom. Pl) hero
  • madarthe (mad-arthaḥ: Genetive Tat Puruśa: mas. sing. loc) my purpose
  • tyaktajīvitāḥ (BV mas. nom. sing.) abandoned for victory
  • nānā-śhastra-praharaṇāḥ (adj. mas. nom. pl) holding many weapons
  • sarve (pro. sing. nom) all
  • yuddha-viśhāradāḥ (adj. mas. nom. pl.) Skilled in warefare.


Many great heroes have the purpose of laying their lives for my purpose


Duryodhana’s boasting knows no bounds with this verse. This boast was a subtle attempt at telling his preceptor that he is both lucky to be in his army, and at the same time stating that there are so many heroes who are equally capable and are ready to die for his cause.

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