Chapter 1: Verse 8


Verse 8

bhavānbhīṣhmaśhcha karṇaśhcha kṛipaśhcha samitimjayaḥ
aśhvatthāmā vikarṇaśhcha saumadattis tathaiva cha


  • bhavān (mas. nom. sing) Sir
  • bhīṣhmaḥ (mas. nom. sing) Bhīṣhma
  • cha (indec) and
  • karnaḥ (mas. nom. sing) Karna
  • cha (indec) and
  • kṛipaḥ (mas. nom. sing) Kripa
  • cha (indec) and
  • samitimjayaḥ (mas. nom. sing) Assembled for Victory
  • aśhvatthāmā (mas. nom. sing) Ashwathama
  • vikarṇaḥ
  • cha (indec) and
  • saumadatti (mas. nom. sing) Saumadatta
  • tatha (indec) thus
  • Eva (indec) Indeed
  • cha (and)


Thus! Oh Sir, Assembled for Victory, Bhishma, Karna, and Kripa and indeed, Ashwathama, Vikarnah, and Saumadatta


Duryodhana now realises that time has come for him to impress his Guru by stating the might of the Kauravan army. He first starts with Bhishma, then mentions Karna (although, Karna had vowed not to fight until Bhishma dies) and Kripa as foremost. The next he is careful to mention his son, Ashwathama, by doing so, reassuring (in his own insecure mind) that Duryodhana’s own son is fighting for the Kauravan victory.

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