Chapter 1 Verse 6

Verse 6

yudhāmanyuś ca vikrānta uttamaujāś ca vīryavān |
saubhadro draupadeyāś ca sarva eva mahā-rathāḥ ||


  • yudhāmanyuḥ (masnom. sing) Yudhāmanyu
  • vikrānta (masnom. sing) vikrānta
  • uttamaujāḥ (masnom. sing) uttamauja
  • ca (indec) and
  • vīryavān (mas. nom. sin.) possessed of valor
  • saubhadraḥ (masnom. sing) son of Subhadra
  • draupadeyāḥ (masnom. pl.) children of Draupadi
  • ca (indec) and
  • sarva (masnom. sing) all
  • eva (indec) thus
  • mahā-rathāḥ  (GTP: mas. nom. pl) great cart warriors


Yudhāmanyu, Vikrānta and uttamaujā possessed of valor, the son of Subhadra, the children of Draupadi are all great cart warriors


By this point Duryodhana has gotten to the point of blabbering, due to fear. He is telling his preceptor of the might of Draupadi’s children and Subhadras son. Point to note here, is that the children are referred to as son of the mother. Even Bhagavān Sri Kriṣna refers to Arjunā as Pārtha son of pritha, another name for Kunti his mother. This is evidence of the tremendous amount of respect the Āryans had for their mothers. We hear the verse mātrā balam (strength of the mother) in the Vedas (Taitiriya Upanishad, Shikshavalli) and only through this strength is birth possible. To be known as son of Draupadi or son of Subhadra was considered an honor.

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