Chapter 1: Verse 5

Verse 5

dhṛṣṭaketuś cekitānaḥ kāśirājaś ca vīryavān |
purujit kuntibhojaś ca śaibyaś ca nara-puṅgavaḥ ||

  • dhṛṣṭaketuh (mas.nom. Sing) Drishtaketu
  • Cekitānaḥ (mas. nom. Sing.) Chetānaḥ
  • kāśirājah (GTP: Mas. Nom. Sing) King of Kasi
  • ca (indec) and
  • vīryavān (mas. acc. pl) possessed of heroic deeds
  • purujit (mas. acc. nom) Purujit
  • kuntibhojah (mas. nom. Sing.)
  • ca (indec) and
  • śaibyah (mas. nom. Sing) Saibyah
  • ca (indec) and
  • nara-puṅgavaḥ (GTP: Masc. Nom. Sing) Best among men.


The mighty king of Kāśi,  Dhriṣṭaketu and cekitānaḥ all great heros, Purujit, kuntibhoja and  śaibya the best among men.


The King of Kāśi, Kuntibhoja, Saibhya all are know for valorous deeds and prowess on the battlefield. Note that there is little reason for these kings to join the Pandavan army. This cataclysmic war is so heavily favored against the Pandavas, and by fighting on the side of the Pandavas, these heroes have in effect, signed their death warrant but in order to preserve and protect dharma. They were resigned to the service of the innocent yet virtuous Pandavas knowing fully well this could be the last war they participate in.

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