Chapter 1: Verse 4

Verse 4

atra śūrā maheṣvāsā bhīmārjuna-samā yudhi |

yuyudhāno virāṭaś ca drupadaś ca mahā-rathaḥ ||


  • atra (indec) Here
  • śūrā (Mas. Nom. Sing) Heroes
  • Mahā+iu (GTP: Mas. Nom. Sing) great archers
  • āsā (3rd. Pl. present as) are
  • bhīmārjuna-samā (BahuVrihi: Mas. Nom. Pl.)Equal to(Samā) mighty (bhīmā) Arjunā
  • yudhi (Mas. Loc. Sing) War/battle
  • yuyudhāno (Mas. Nom. Sing) Yuyudhanaḥ
  • virāṭaś (Mas. Nom. Sing) Virāṭaḥ
  • ca (indec) and
  • drupadaś (Mas. Nom. Sing) drupadaḥ
  • ca (indec) and
  • mahā-rathaḥ (Karmadharaya: Mas. Nom. Pl) Great cart-warriors


Here are the great archers, equal in battle to the mighty Arjunā, the great cart-warriors Yuyudhana, Virāta and Drupadā.


There is good reason for Duryodhanā to be frightened  The warriors he mentions are no ordinary foes. Pancalā deśa king, Durpadā (a mighty warrior who performed a large yaga for the sole purpose of destroying Drona) was present and he was fuming: here was the opportunity to both destroy his arch-nemesis, Drona, as well as exact vengeance for the humiliation and suffering caused to his son-in-laws. This is excluding other mighty cart warriors like Yuyudhana and Virāta both who were equal to Drupadā in prowess and battle hardened through years of experience on the war front. Virāta was especially furious because Duryodhana foolishly tried to invade their land and lost miserably, thanks to the Pandavas, earlier.





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