Arjunā’s Vishādā Yoga

This Chapter deals with the start of the battle for the land of Kurukshetra. The land called Kurushetra was purified by the ancestor of the Kuru lineage King Kuru himself. The King performed various austerities to rid the land of evil energy. As such this location was chosen for the cataclysmic war of dynastic succession. The chapter outlines the reason as to why the great warrior hero Arjunā’s faces fear and dejection. Arjunā was no ordinary warrior, he is said to have the legendary Gaṇḍīva, a bow forged in the center of the sun with the weight of three hundred kilograms. The great hero Arjunā could single handedly defeat thousands of warriors and is known to be the only person who could wield both the paupatāstra, a weapon built by the god of death, Rudrā and also the devastatingly abhorrent brahmashira also known as the brahmāstra. Near invincible in the battlefield and extraordinarily powerful, the great Arjunā faces tremendous fear. Fear of the complete annihilation of the Kuru clan. Though he was a god among men, his humility knew no bounds. Avid devotee of Bhagavān Sri Krishna (the god-incarnate mahavinu) who was his loyal friend and charioteer, he commands pārthasārathi (the Charioteer of Arjunā, AKA Krishna) to take him in front of both the Armies so that he may inspect the size and the complexity of the phalanx arrangement. The shrewed Sri-Krina parks the chariot in middle of his guru Drona and his great grandfather Bhima with a clear view of his maternal uncle Shalya. As he expected, Arjunā, though humble, was enormously over confident (which he would be because of his exceptional track record) and already decides that he alone will vanquish his own kith and kin. Plunging him into a despondence which gives rise to the greatest philosophical treatise known to mankind. The Bhagavad Gita.

Chapter 1 Vese 1


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